Tracking System mecFLEET ®

The mecFLEET® tracking system is the ideal complement to all MECOMO hardware products for tracking and telematics of vehicles, objects and persons. mecFLEET® offers you exactly the variety of information you need. In addition, you can select the service package for mecFLEET® that meets your telematics requirements.

Our tracking system supports you with your individual requirements:

  • Real-Time Motion Tracking
  • Display of all position data and previous routes on the map
  • Display of POI’s
  • Create and manage geofences
  • Freely configurable alarms and notifications
  • Own administration of users (users of the WebFrontend), employees, devices (smartphones) and groups
  • Freely configurable reports and reporting

Advantages and benefits of tracking & tracing in our tracking system mecFLEET

  • More detailed information through freely definable locating frequencies
  • Better fleet management through dynamic group location
  • More control possibilities through freely definable geofencing
  • Greater flexibility through scalable interfaces and workflow management