Profit center: maintenance-free solar telematics

  • Objects with excessive idle time

  • Unauthorized third-party use

  • Fleets that are too large and too expensive

  • Loss of objects

  • Theft

Etc. The long-term competitiveness of your fleet depends on solving these and related issues. MECOMO will help you to find your individually tailor-made solutions. Let us consult free of charge.

Challenge: Non-powered logistics objects

Operators today depend on full visibility in real time to control their logistics assets. In most cases, logistics objects do not have their own power supply. The effects of this lack of transparency are often

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  • Field proven stand-alone GPS tracking unit

  • Intelligent energy harvesting technology

  • Extremely robust IP69K housing

  • Applicable worldwide

  • High longevity

  • For all surfaces (steel, tarpaulin, smooth etc.)

Solar Tracking

End-to-end visibility with mecFLEET® in real time

  • Visibility to all objects at any time

  • Detailed reports and KPIs

  • Cost reduction through removal of excess inventory

  • Cost reduction through performance boost of the objects