Intermodal transport – end to end visibility on not power supplied objects

Complete overview of not power supplied objects on two or more types of transport.

Today, logistics objects are intermodal/multimodal on the move. For customers and internal workflows, complete visibility is essential. At the latest in the intermodal use of your trailers, containers and swap bodies, conventional telematics cannot guarantee you complete tracking of these objects. Your object will be placed by the tractor on a train and maybe later at the port on a terminal and from there it will be loaded on a cargo ship. In order to maintain an overview here and keep a constant eye on your objects, you need a completely self-sufficient, maintenance-free and motion sensor-equipped unit that automates all processes for you on a short-cycle basis whether intercontinental sea freight, rail transport or road transport, your logistics objects are visible 24/7 at all times.

Smart Container: Real-time data and events through maintenance-free solar telematics

  • Simple mounting within minutes

  • Completely maintenance free

  • Extremely robust and field proven

  • Longevity>10 years

  • Multiple sensor options

  • State-of-the-art radio technology

  • Ready for worldwide use

Solar Tracking mit mecSOLAR

The entire trajectory of your objects in one portal. precisely informed with mecFLEET®.

  • Movement tracking in realtime

  • All logistics objects in one view

  • Entrys and Exists for all Depots and Hubs

  • Trajectorys precisely documented

  • Fleet management with performance reports

  • End-to-end visibility of complex logistics processes