Sensors & Peripherals

Telematics has evolved over the years into much more than pure positioning. Therefore, telematics units must also be able to recognize other objects in their environment. A variety of sensors with different tasks can pass on their collected data via mecSOLAR. mecSOLAR acts as an IoT gateway on its logstik objects. So they have the opportunity to wirelessly

Your Advantages

  • ID tag: Detection of whether a cargo container is in the object or not. Loading and unloading

  • Shock: measures impact

  • Humidity: Measures the humidity level at the position of the tag

  • Temperature: Measures the current temperature of the tag

  • Door open/close: Provides information whether the door is open or closed

Tags communicate in a swarm

The Bluetooth tags in their swarm will find a way to the gateway, passing on their information to the next available tag. In this way, larger areas can also be covered.