mecSOLAR® plus is the world’s most versatile telematics unit for tracking of non-powered logistics objects. Its compact design, modular architecture, small space requirement, and field-proven maintenance-free motion detection for more than 10 years, enable it to solve all object detection challenges. MECOMO invented the solar telematics product category in 2008 – more than 120,000 units based on MECOMO design are currently in active operation in the field. mecSOLAR® was specially developed for hauled logistics objects (e.g. swap bodies, sea containers, trailers, load carriers, freight cars, etc.). It is designed for flexibility, durability and extreme robustness for all object modalities. mecSOLAR® supports the latest mobile communication networks. Built-in wired and wireless sensors can monitor all logistics-related conditions. The optional latest generation Bluetooth interface also offers freely scalable IoT swarm technology

Solar Tracking, Solar Telematik, GPS Solar Tracking

mecSOLAR® is the mobile gateway for objects of all kinds

Solar Tracking mit mecSOLAR
  • Continuous, solar-based motion tracking of your
    non-powered objects
    with exact start/stop times.
  • Real-time scheduling, Downtime analyses and
    Delay warnings (ETA-Monitoring)
  • Automatic entry, exit and sensor alarms
  • Cargo identification by intelligent sensor technology
  • Exact loading dock identification and assignment

mecSOLAR® turns your objects smart

  • mecSOLAR® is not just a locating device. mecSOLAR® in combination with mecFLEET® is the center of a comprehensive solution portfolio that solves an increasing number of important use cases in logistics in the best possible way.

  • Self-sufficient long-term solar powered movement tracking.
  • Non-powered logistics objects of all shapes and sizes are located maintenance-free and without time-restriction while moving.

  • Quick, easy and flexible mounting without cables

  • Extremely robust and with special accessories additional protection against damage/stone impact and vandalism

  • Typical lifetime >10 years

  • Investment protection through broad and flexible range of mecSOLAR® applications

  • mecSOLAR® as Mobile Gateway collects data from sensor tags (e.g. temperature, humidity, shock, door open/closed etc.)

  • Improves customer service

  • Increases the service quality

  • The mecSOLAR® asset tracking solution offers superior return on investment (ROI) seine through its excellent price/performance ratio abd longevity

Variants of mecSOLAR®

Solar Tracking

mecSOLAR® duo2

Probably the flattest solar telematics unit in the world

  • 620mm x 100mm x 23mm
  • Ideal for jumbo, plain cases in height-critical applications
Solar Tracking, Solar Telematik, GPS Solar Tracking

mecSOLAR® atex Solar Tracking System

For IECex “II 3G Ex ic IIC T4 Gc” / ATEX Zone 2 certified, compact, solar powered GPS module for the latest radio technology 4GcatM1/Fallback 2G. Maintenance-free movement tracking in short intervals (e.g. 1min GPS/15min transmission).
  • For transports of explosive goods (ATEX/IECex).
  • Can be operated independently of network and time due to large Li-Ion battery (22Ah, rechargeable) in combination with solar panel (depending on locating cycle or sunshine duration)
  • Position transmission via GPRS or SMS
  • Integrated GSM and GPS antenna with integrated receiver for highest sensitivity
  • Special painting
  • Ideal for tank, gas and dangerous goods transports also in rail traffic
Solar Tracking, Solar Telematik, GPS Solar Tracking

mecSOLAR® mini

The little brother of mecSOLAR® plus
  • Low cost entry level tracker
  • Easy mounting

Technical properties of mecSOLAR®

There is no tracking without hardware. In tracking non-powered logistics assets, you need certainty that it is extremely robust, reliable in all weather conditions, and as fail-safe as possible. Without maintenance effort.

mecSOLAR® sensor board

Holders for mecSOLAR® on all objects.

Solar Tracking

No matter if steel roof container, smooth top, tarpaulin or EDSCHA-top. Even for special vehicles and maritime applications, we have the right holders for you. Also available as magnetic holders

  • Simple mounting within minutes

  • Comfortable and quick click system

  • Optional: Mount sensor

  • Also suitable for sea container doors

mecSOLAR® can be combined with a wide range of sensors

We have the suitable sensor for every application

  • Cable based, cordless or unit available

  • Door sensor (also suitable for swing and rolling gates)

  • Shock sensor (alarms freely adjustable)

  • Humidity

  • Light

  • Smoke

  • Tilt

  • …and many more!

Your fleet as profit center with mecSOLAR® + mecFLEET®

  • Movement tracking in realtime
  • All logistics objects in one view
  • Entrys and Exists for all Depots and Hubs
  • Trajectorys precisely documented
  • Fleet management with performance reports
  • End-to-end visibility of complex logistics processes