mecFLEET® Platform

Developed for large-scale logistics. The intelligent telematics portal mecFLEET®.

Innovative concepts: Transparency increases efficiency.

The choice of telematics portal is strategically crucial. Thanks to the smooth integration with your backend IT, the benefits are multiplied. mecFLEET® integrates all existing data sources, end devices and information channels, forming a smart hub. Innovative functionalities support you in your daily challenges. Logistics processes can be monitored more easily, planned more precisely and controlled in a more targeted manner. Automate supplemental services as needed.

mecFLEET® makes it easy for you: Complete fleet overview. Always.

Tracking System mecFLEET®

The mecFLEET® tracking system is the ideal enhancement to all MECOMO hardware products for tracking and telematics of vehicles, objects and persons. mecFLEET® offers you exactly the variety of information you need. In addition, you can select the service bundle for mecFLEET® that meets your telematics needs.

This is how our tracking system assists you with your individual requirements:

  • Realtime movement tracking

  • Display of all position data and previous travel routes on the map

  • Depiction of POI’s

  • Creation and management of geofences

  • Freely configurable alerts and warning notifications.

  • Administration of users (users of the Web front-end), employees, devices (smartphones) and groups

  • Freely configurable reports and performance analysis

Advantages and benefits regarding tracking & tracing in our mecFLEET® telematics portal

  • More detailed information using defined tracking intervals

  • Improved fleet management by dynamic group localization

  • More control options through customizable geofencing

  • Greater flexibility through scalable interfaces and workflow management

Intertwined digitization:
Your tailor-made telematics solution.

API/EDI integration is our daily business

Each subsystem of your business provides relevant information. By means of interconnectedness, automated processes and digitized workflows are created, leading to a drastic acceleration of business processes. Improve service quality at the same time.

The telematics portal as core element, which can integrate services, control processes and automatically generate individualized reports. Modular in design, it supports all data sources (web and cross platform mobile apps). Synergies are emerging. As a system house, we tailor a telematics solution to fit you 100 percent. All from a single source.

Open and approachable. For customized solutions.


In your day-to-day business, you use systems, tools and software solutions that have grown in your company to master daily challenges. Your operational and strategic processes are increasingly digitized and focused on the scalability of your core business. Whether TMS, fleet management, CRM or ERP – ultimately, the full potential of your software landscape can only be realized by interconnecting the subcomponents.

mecFLEET® therefore offers a variety of existing interfaces to common and established TMS providers as well as telematics platforms from Daimler, MAN, KRONE and Co. In addition, our robust and comprehensive interface mecFLEET® API is available to you as a customer free of charge.

API and EDI integration are among our special capabilities – as is the Interconnection, aggregation and standardization of logistics-related data.

Our goal is: Your profit through optimal and competent support in the implementation of your digitization strategy.

Your path to Operational Excellence: Telematics 4.0

Process digitization turns telematics into a profit center

Immediate overview of the location, condition and utilization of your capacities. Identification of unused or misused transportation resources. Site inventories available around the clock in real time. Efficient and transparent damage management. Efficient integration with ERP and TMS.

In short: Fast and straightforward access to the latest information from the field – without detours, time delays and communication effort.

Increase the productivity of your operational core business through the targeted use of mecFLEET®. Free up committed capital and unused resources. Increase the satisfaction of your customers and create advantages over your competitors.

With tracking hardware from MECOMO and the tracking platform mecFLEET®, telematics IoT becomes a profit center.