Shipment tracking, anti-theft and sensor-based monitoring.

No light in sight? Concealed installation.

The mecASSET® product family includes various telematics units and sensor tags. From very small to very long operating. Our modular technology system allows us to configure the right telematics unit and sensors for almost any application.

Our know-how in battery technologies is essential for telematics and sensory monitoring of non-powered objects.

Tracking and sensors? Real-time transmission or data logging? Monitoring of any load carrier for just-in-time or just-in-sequence logistics operations?

The mecASSET® family has the right product for you. If not, only mecSOLAR® may be the solution.

Variations of mecASSET®

mecASSET mini with Holder

mecASSET® mini


  • Available as induction or primary cell
  • Optional magnetic holder available

What can you do with mecASSET®?

mecASSET® is the most versatile asset tracking solution in the world. Due to its compact design, compact design and unmatched maintenance-free modularity, it is able to solve all asset tracking challenges. Low power consumption combined with an innovative battery concept allows long term operation (e.g. up to 15 years one position/day or 10 years 3 positions/day).

What are the advantages of using mecASSET®?

  • Long-term asset tracking

  • Logistics objects that are not supplied with power can be located without any problems

  • 12-Jahre praktische Erfahrung mit dem Schwesterprodukt mecSOLAR > 70.000 Einheiten).

  • Quick, easy and flexible mounting without cables

  • Extremely robust and with special accessories additional protection against damage/stone impact and vandalism

  • Long term self-sufficient use.

  • Alternatively, it can also be operated with primary cells.

  • Investment protection through the broad and flexible range of applications of mecASSET®.

  • Improves customer service

  • Increases the service quality

  • The asset tracking system mecASSET® is extremely cost-effective and thus offers a fast ROI