G+D strengthens position in IoT market with acquisition of MECOMO AG

Munich, 17 May, 2023 – International security technology group Giesecke+Devrient (G+D) has acquired MECOMO AG, a specialist in tracking and tracing solutions, with the contract signed today. Through the acquisition of MECOMO, G+D becomes an IoT solution provider with a complete end-to-end portfolio for customers in the transportation and logistics sector. Both parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price.

With the acquisition of MECOMO, G+D is now taking the next step in expanding its IoT product portfolio and offering solutions from a single source. In doing so, the technology group is making targeted investments into selected verticals, one example being the logistics industry as one of the largest and fastest growing segments within the IoT market.

“Over the last years, we have consistently pursued our strategic goals and invested heavily in our digital portfolio, which now contributes around a quarter of our total revenue. Following the acquisition of Pod two years ago, the purchase of MECOMO now further strengthens our activities in the field of IoT. This enables us to support companies in their digital transformation with a comprehensive offering,” says Ralf Wintergerst, CEO of Giesecke+Devrient, underlining the strategic relevance of the acquisition of the MECOMO AG.

Stefan Heimerl, founder and CEO of the MECOMO AG, adds: “Central Europe is home to the world’s most prominent logistics companies. Our innovative IoT solutions have established and proven themselves here. As part of the G+D family, we will now help customers worldwide to increase their productivity and sustainability by digitizing logistics processes. In doing so, we are bringing ‘Green Logistics’ to the whole world and making a measurable contribution to protecting our planet.”

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Understand. Enhance. Predict.

The integration platform mecFLEET uniquely enables the rapid implementation of digital process sequences for logistics companies of all kinds through solution-specific MESH IoT sensors.

The MECOMO group is specialized in telematics solutions for non-energy supplied logistics objects. This market is considerably larger than telematics for motorized vehicles, since almost all moving objects in logistics and industry are without their own power supply – from pallets, parcels, refrigerated containers and load carriers to sea containers, trailers and swap bodies, rail freight cars and airport dollies. By 2050, 100 billion “smart” objects will be online. Our intelligent services bring the benefits of IoT to customers worldwide.

Not only indoor or outdoor tracking, but fully sensor-based status recording of all transported goods. We offer to our customers full-service solutions (i.e. hardware, middleware and frontend) as services.

We are a fast growing company (FY2020 +27% → FY2021 +40%). Via our own self-developed, freely scalable IoT platform mecFLEET®, we can fully support any fleet size. With almost 100,000 SIM contracts, we are one of the largest M2M customers of leading network operators. 8 of the 10 largest logistics companies in Central Europe (CE) are our fleet customers. CE is the most challenging market for logistics companies. Solutions that perform in CE will perform worldwide.

Therefore, we are leveraging the economies of scale of our platform and will work with distribution partners to market our field-proven solutions in all relevant regions of the world. This will multiply our growth and profitability. Via our innovative method for implementing any sensor-based use cases using our IoT solution platform mecFLEET®, we see de facto unlimited application solutions for our customer.

Telematics Software.

Highly scalable. Freely extendable.

OurTelematics Portal mecFLEET® combines all data sources of your tracking devices

  • Integrate additional third-party telematics systems into mecFLEET®
  • Movement profiles analysis reports of logistics objects
  • Transparency of fleet and tour status
  • Warning messages and target-actual evaluations


Dispose of logistics objects more efficiently, better utilise capacity and thus increase the productivity of the fleet. That is our goal. With our solutions not only will you save save money, but earn it

Digitize your transport processes with us – whether mobile or stationary. We support all information channels. We offer a wide range of mobile communications and network technologies to suit every application. 5G included. Or you can become your own network operator. As a full-service provider, we supply you with complete solutions. Standardized or customized to your needs.
Trust our many years of experience. We actively drive development – so that you are ahead of the competition!


Maintenance-free motion detection & sensor technology. In operation without interruption since 2009

The mecSOLAR® series is one of the most versatile asset tracking solutions in the world.

The installation effort is very low, the reliability tremendous.

Field proven… from the inventor of solar telematics: the only solar telematics device in the world that has been in continuous use in high volume since 2009.

Solar Tracking, Solar Telematik, GPS Solar Tracking

Scalable, open and portable – a telematics team for all circumstances!

Web exposure by itself is no longer enough. Mobile applications are needed for mobile tasks. Choose from a variety of existing applications of the mecTRACE® family. We implement specific customer solutions for you and integrate them into mecFLEET®. For optimized functionality and real teamwork.

The complete solution

from a single source

  • Competence in telematics hardware and software
  • Web solution and mobile applications
  • Integration of your third-party telematics systems in one portal
  • Simplification of your processes.
  • Focus on the essentials.

Integration with your

back-end systems

  • Intelligent data interfaces for the connection of your backend systems.
  • Not only transfer of data from your IT systems. Also return results to automate processes (e.g. automatic invoicing etc.).
  • Mapping of individual workflows.

Every object type, every application modality and every system

  • Our modular product system based on our patented housing technology allows us to support every type of object and every application modality (road, rail, sea, factory site, etc.).
  • You have or want telematics hardware from other manufacturers? No problem – You have the unlimited choice.
  • You want more than tracking? Extensive sensor technology – wired or wireless via radio.

Maintenance free
Movement Tracking

  • Energy harvesting (e.g. solar) makes our telematics units runtime-independent
  • This enables fleet management of non-powered objects
  • Open to all communication technologies – whether with or without anetwork operator, whether local or worldwide: 4G catM1 (LTE-M), 4G (LTE), 5G, LoRa. Others upon request.


The MECOMO AG group is one of the leading telematics solutions providers for logistics objects of all sorts. Outdoor (worldwide) and indoor (buildings and premises). It is our mission to provide fleet and enterprise-wide solutions based on tracking & tracing for workflow digitization in a more beneficial, profit-enhancing and simplifying way. The development of customized mobile apps enhances our solution portfolio complementary. MECOMO AG is located at the sites Unterschleissheim near Munich (GER), San Diego(USA) and Porto Alegre (BR).