mecSOLAR sensor (mecFLEET only)

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Longterm Self-sufficient Movement Tracking and Sensoric Monitoring for Containers

Internal & Wireless Sensors – No Maintenance – No Cables

“mecSOLAR sensor” is a high end asset tracking solution for maintenance-free movement tracking
and comprehensive sensoric monitoring. Know the status of your valuable sea and tank containers
as well as their contents from wherever they are! It turns Asset Tracking business cases from a
cost into a profitcenter. Due to its compact design, small footprint, a large variety of accessories
and superior battery stamina (i.e. long standtime without sunshine), “mecSOLAR sensor” is
ready to support all asset modalities. It has been optimized for short tracking cycles (e.g. 5 or 15
minutes in movement) resp. sensoric monitoring. Its large capacity batt ery allows up to 3 months
operati on incl. sensors without recharge by sunhine. Its progressive architecture has been based
on our longstanding field experience with solar-powered telematics. “mecSOLAR sensor” has been
specifically designed for longevity and extreme robustness in the rough environment of container
shipment. Its unique door holder allows mounting in less than 30s – inside or outside. “mecSOLAR
sensor” is highly cost-effective – it protects and monitors your valuable goods without any gaps.

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