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Longterm Self-sufficient Movement Tracking

Solar powered – No Maintenance – No Cables

“mecSOLAR one” is a versatile entry-level solution for maintenance-free, movement asset
tracking. It enables Asset Tracking at outstanding price/performance due to its compact design,
small footprint, simple installation and battery stamina (i.e. long standtime without sunshine).
“mecSOLAR one” has been optimized for medium tracking cycles (e.g. 1 position per hour in
movement). By this, it provides long term maintenance-free movement tracking. Its large capacity
battery allows 3 months operation without recharge by sunhine. Based on the same design as its
bigger brother “mecSOLAR plus”, it is especially suitable for maintenance-free movement tracking
of non-power-supplied logistics objects. This product is based on our long-standing experience with
solar-powered telematics devices which are a de facto industry standard for swap trailer tracking.
A large variety of accessories for “mecSOLAR one” allows optimal usage across diverse transport
modalities. “mecSOLAR one” is highly cost-effective by quick ROI: Increase fleet productivity,
decrease capital bound by eliminating low-used assets, improve processes by real-time data etc.

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MecSOLAR One Z 150324
MecSOLAR One Z 150324
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