Workforce management using smartphones and tablets


What can you do with mecTRACE?
Use smartphones and tablets to locate and manage the fieldforce employees using the mecTRACE app. Easy to install and configure, the app is avaiable for Android and iOS and will be soon avaiable for Windows Phone.

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App for Smartphones and Tablets

  • Install the app on the employee tablets or smartphones
  • The app tracks the device using GPS or cell-id
  • Battery economy mode with movement detection
  • You can configure the tracking interval remotely

Map and Tracking

  • All information of the employee avaiable in real time: location, battery level, speed, …
  • See the location of the employees real time on the map.
  • Search for an address to compare to the employee location.
  • Calculate the distances on the map
  • Many map providers option: Open Street Maps, Google, Bing.

Messages and activities

  • Send mensamessages to the field workers.
  • Send activities with related information and address point
  • The employee recevives it, update the status and complete with information
  • See on the map the worker location and the activities location
  • Ideal for services, maintainance, sales, deliveries.


  • Send completeroutes of points to visit
  • The employee updates the status of the work on each point
  • See on the map the planned route and compare with the location history of the employee

Positions History

  • Positions history shown on the map
  • Go forward and backward on the history
  • Filter the positions per time interval
  • History shown as routes reports with toal kilometers and stop times
  • Export the data to Excel or PDF


  • Create regions on the map.
  • Do it by easily adding point by point
  • Do it by selecting a point and a radius
  • Automatically generate a ergion through a route between two addresses
  • See the regions on the map and create alerts based on them


  • Define the rules for generating the alerts
  • Rules for speed higher then X km/h, closer then X meters to point Y, left the geo-fence X.
  • You can define the time interval that the alert will be active
  • You can choose the action to be taken: email, SMS or just a notification
  • See the notifications on the web.

Points of interest

  • Create POIs to be shown on the map
  • Choose the icon for the POI
  • Import POIs using a CSV file
  • Export POIs to KML

Get it on Google Play
Free download

Free download