Product Overview


Available Features one
world sensor
modem type  GSM quadband   GSM quadband   GSM quadband/UMTS (optional CDMA)   GSM quadband (optional world)
solar-panel (hail-proof)  
full operation without sunhine (solar-panel) >4 months*  >6 months* >5 months* >3 months*
rechargeable battery
M2M included    
global positioning technology  GPS GPS (optional GLONASS)  GPS (optional GLONASS) GPS (optional GLONASS)
cell-ID tracking    
external GPS/GSM antennas (option to fix inside object)    
extendable casing (horizontal/vertical)      
unit intrusion sensor  
door sensor
tamper sensor  
temperature sensor  
humidity sensor    
shock sensor    
light sensor    
digital/analog input (cable-based)  
status LED
user buttons (programmable)  
wireless external sensors
truck-/trailer coupling
qutomatic pairing (mecSOLAR to asset)
bundled transmission  


Legend of symbols:   Feature for this version available Feature for this version not available Feature for this version as an option available

*based on typical object movement profile (5 min tracking, 6-8 h/day movement, approsx. 21 (work-) days/month)