O que você pode fazer com o mecSOLAR?

mecSOLAR is the most versatile asset tracking solution of the world. Due to its compact design, its small footprint and its unrivaled modularity, it is able to solve all asset tracking challenges. mecSOLAR has been specifically designed for maintenance-free movement tracking, longevity, extreme robustness and short-cycled sensor data capturing on non-power-supplied assets.


mecSOLAR selected features

GPS + Cell-ID tracking

Longterm self-sufficient movement tracking with GPS + Cell-ID.


mecSOLAR is a solar-powered solution for all asset tracking challenges.Specially designed for non-power-supplied assets.

no cales click on/off

mecSOLAR has no cables to guarantee a maintenance-free movement tracking and longevity.


mecSOLAR is extremely robust and optionally there are accessories available for hammer-proof and vandalism-proof.

world modem

The modem types are GSM quadband and UMTS (optional CDMA).

large battery capacity

mecSOLAR has a large battery of capacity of LiPo 13,8 Ah / 20 Ah. It is possible to extend the core case to increase the battery capacity.

GSM + GPS external

External GPS/GSM antennas are optionally available for mecSOLAR.

high level IP protection class

mecSOLAR fulfill the high level IP 69k protection class, so it is extremely robust.

customization possible

It is necessary to customize mecSOLAR to solve your asset tracking challenge. No problem, let´s talk about it.

wireless sensor interface

Wireless sensor interface for sensorboard.


mecSOLAR sensorboard

temperature sensor

Continuous temperature monitoring by temperature sensor. It provides the information of tank-inside temperature as well as outdoor temperature.

door sensor

Door sensors for monitoring and documentation of each opening/closing of the doors. Immediate notification of the headquater by opening protect temperature-sensitive goods in transit.

humidity sensor

Humidity sensor for monitoring of humidity-sensitive goods.

unit intrusion sensor

Intrusion sensors to secure your goods.

shock sensor

Shock sensor reports even the smallest vibration.

tamper switch

Tamper switch to secure your goods.

light sensor

Light sensor for monitoring of light-sensitive goods.