Tracking & Tracing with mecSOLAR

mecSOLAR is the new generation of solarpowered tracking & tracing units for logistical objects with no separate / no own power supply. The combination of inhouse tracking and GPS tracking enables the wireless sonsor interface named mecSENSE, which is part of mecSOLAR, and provides a end to end tracking & tracing solution.

Tracking & Tracing functionalities with mecSOLAR

mecSOLARĀ  is the first tracking & tracing unit of its kind which provides the option for being inhouse tracked. This might be in combination with GPS tracking. The most relevant sensors are already aboard of the mecSOLAR product: Temperature, humidity, shock, light, proximity sensors for door/tamper in order to avoid manipulation. In addition, any thinkable sensor type might be connected externally by the wireless interface. mecSENSE is using the extremely energy efficient radio technology CSS that provides a very strong signal which is also capable to transmit out of a closed reefer container (e.g. wireless temperature sensor control within Reefer).

In addition, the case is very rugged and highly (weather) resistant (IP 69K, automobile manufacturing standard). Light indicators and buttons make operations easier. The GPS and GSM antenna can be optional led out from the telematics (tracking & tracing) unit. The case has a very slim dimensions (approx. 99.5 mm x 250 mm x 30mm), which makes it more functionality at 2/3 smaller than the GPS solar tracking & tracing unit. The charging electronics has an seasonal battery charging optimization. Optionally, by the means of a mounting pedestal many types of fixation (e.g. riveting, gluing, screwing, welding etc.), might be implemented – the user has all the possibilities for tracking & tracing requirement!