Tracking logistic objects

The location of objects such as logistics containers, swap bodies etc. requires solutions to manage challenges such as no power supply, durability and weather resistance, flexible and easy installation, long term maintenance. To solve this problem MECOMO offers hardware with a powerful solar panel to combine intelligent charging electronics and hardware with integrated, high performance batteries for GPS tracking.


mecSOLAR - solarpowered tracking device with record capacity battery and wireless sensor interface in an ultra compact casing. mecSOLAR owns a lot of technology highlights despite its relatively small size, e.g. the wireless sensor interface mecSENSE al well as an optimized formfactor for container tracking (incl. Reefer- and Sea-Containers).


mecASSET - The advancement of mecTRACE asset is characterized by its compact design, its small footprint, its unrivaled modularity and its integrated high-performance battery.

GPS solar one

GPS solar one the most installed Swap Trailer Tracking in Europe! The Orginal by the Inventor! Solar powered telematics and tracking module for objects without a separate power supply such as containers, swap bodies, railway carriages and more.