PR 2013

15.12.2013 – Successful first-time installations of mecSOLAR

The new product family mecSOLAR continues the success of MECOMO GPS solar. In early December, the first fleet was equipped with mecSOLAR plus. Target objects were swap trailer in automotive logistics for BMW. In addition to the known reliability of the MECOMO solar telematics particularly the small form factor by mecSOLAR was the reason for this customer to decide for this product which further helped to reduce installation costs and provide more options to install the telematics unit on the logistics objects.


17.05.2013 – Van den Bosch Transporten selects MECOMO as telematics solutions provider for critical food transports

Van den Bosch Transporten, the Dutch logistics specialist for liquid and dry bulk transport decided to implement state-of-the-art telematics services in oder to further extend its competitive adventage and to provide additional service to its customers. First usage area is temperature-controlled food transport in tank containers – customers receive full temperature monitoring for their paneuropean shipments.

Erp/Unterschleißheim, May 15th 2013 – Van den Bosch Transporten provides a fixed variety of intermodal logistic services across modalities like ship, rail and road transport. Its specialty is liquid and dry bulk transports for both the food and non-food industry. Van den Bosch Transporten serves the global market through …

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15.01.2013 – MECOMO group started significant technology research & development program with investment of EUR 0.5 million

The MECOMO AG has set the objective of becoming one of the leading solution providers in the world in the market segment asset tracking. For the next ten years, the corporation sees above-average growth opportunities in this sector. Logistics information chains require the telematic monitoring of all logistics objects. Most of these objects are not permanently supplied with power, such as containers, trailers, swap bodies, ULDs, packages etc., this means that these objects require special telematics units that can be installed without wires, provide maximum maintenance-free use as well as real- time monitoring. Increasingly, it ‘s not just about tracking, i.e. position determination, but to collect sensoric information by additional sensors such as temperature, humidity, shock, light etc. . MECOMO focused its research & developments on the following solution areas:

1) Real-time tracking of non-powered logistics-objects, e.g. containers, trailers, swap bodies etc.

2) Telematic condition monitoring, e.g. temperature monitoring of silo containers in the food logistics

3) Package Tracking (nationwide tracking and in-house location)

4) Anti-theft and inventory management for any mobile objects; e.g. for machine rental companies


As part of this substantial development program, the MECOMO AG will invest about EUR 0.5 million in fiscal year 2013 in order boost its its product portfolio for these attractive solution areas on state-of-the-art level, i.e. leading edge. Specifically, this implementation includes the following development projects:

1) Wireless radio interface mecSENSE for any third party sensor;

2) mecSOLAR – solar powered, maintenance-free telematics in the smallest form factor;

3) mecASSET – tracking units with more than 10 years of battery standtime by providing 1 position/day;

4) mecFLEET “NIMBUS” – extension of the successful mecFLEET telematics platform and implementation of globally distributed hubs;

5) raster and vector-based maps framework based on OSM.

The good earnings situation of the earlier fiscal years allowed the creation of funds which the company invests now in its future. By this ambitious development program and the establishment of an international sales partner network, the company intends to internationalize its strong Central European customer base in the coming years – Europe, America and Asia shall be covered successfully. By its successful subsidiary MECOMO do Brasil a bridgehead in South America has been already installed.