OMV Station Finder

The OMV Station Finder shows you all international OMV petrol stations and the quickest route to the next station.

Screenshots of the OMV Station Finder


  • OMV Station Finder 1
  • OMV Station Finder 2
  • OMV Station Finder 3
  • OMV Station Finder 4
  • OMV Station Finder 5


Functions of the application or of the OMV Station Finder:

  • Shows the next OMV station to the current or desired location
  • Positioning with GPS
  • Selectable number of results by filter option
  • Route specification with all OMV stations including distance
  • Augmented reality scanner for a easy orientation
  • Search filter like 24-hour open, VIVA, car wash
  • Detail view of each station with opening times, facilities
  • Displays the current fuel price for Austria, Germany, Romania and Slovenia *)
  • Save you own favorite stations


*) The prices in the OMV Station Finder are always updated to the specified date and time in the detailed view, the information is not binding and without warranty, because the results of the prices can changed in a short term . Only specified at the time of fueling prices at the pump apply to the purchase of fuel.