mecTAXI – The taxi finder app for Germany

mecTAXI, the easy taxi finder app for Germany. Find and order a taxi with mecTAXI. No matter where you are in Germany – with mecTAXI you will find immediately the right taxi. One click, one call – that’s it!


Screenshots of “mecTAXI” – The taxi finder app for Germany


  • mecTAXI 1
  • mecTAXI 2
  • mecTAXI 3
  • mecTAXI 4
  • mecTAXI 5
  • mecTAXI 6


Features of the application or taxi finder app „mecTAXI“:

  • Only one click and you call the right number for your taxi!
  • Find the taxi companies for each region in Germany
  • Ongoing updates
  • Search functions: Search in another place / to another time

The database in this application would be updated constantly.