ATM app

The classic situation: You are traveling and need money – but where’s the next ATM? Where is the next ATM of your bank or banking group and do you have  to pay a charge or is it free?

The Solution: “Geldautomaten in der Nähe” by MECOMO. The ATM app helps you to find the shortest way to the next ATM (charge free) or to “your” financial institution.

Screenshots of the ATM app


  • Geldautomaten App  1
  • Geldautomaten App 2
  • Geldautomaten App 3
  • Geldautomaten App 4
  • Geldautomaten App 5


Functions of the application or ATM app:

  • List of all ATMs, sorted by distance from your current location (requires Internet connection)
  • Shows the ATMs on a map
  • Route function: Leads you from your location directly to your selected ATM
  • Database search: Shows you the nearest ATM of your bank
  • Search function for financial institutions
  • Location manual input as an alternative to locating your location
  • Database (ATM app)  of over 50,000 ATMs in Germany

The database in this application would be updated constantly.