ADAC TourSet App – The perfect app for your next journey

With ADAC TourSet app you will get a quick online access to all 134 printed tour guide sets. Traveling in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand is even more flexible and convenient.

Screenshots of the ADAC TourSet App*


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The biggest advantage of the app: After downloading a ADAC TourSet (size between 20 and 100 MB) you could use the content also offline. So you donĀ“t need an internet connection and abroad are also incurred no expensive roaming costs.

Each ADAC TourSet offers behind zoom able maps and GPS functionalities proven information in ADAC quality. These include interesting facts and details to the country and the region of your yourney, the main sights, which are complemented by image galleries, opening times and admission prices, and the ADAC advantages in each region or city.

*You must be a member of ADAC and registered on, if you want to use the ADAC TourSet App. A registration is also possible within the ADAC TourSet App.