ADAC Auslandshelfer App

The ADAC Auslandshelfer App offers ADAC members assistance in many emergency situations, e.g. in case of breakdown and accident, sickness and injury, or in the case of legal issues. Inform yourself about the correct behavior in emergency situations and take over Tab2Call directly into contact with the ADAC.

Screenshots of the ADAC TourSet App*


  • 1._Screen_ADAC_Auslandshelfer_App
  • 2._Screen_Ärzte_und_Krankenhäuser
  • 3._Screen_Juristischer_Rat
  • 4._Screen_Lexikon_Medikamente
  • 5._Screen_Pannenhilfe


*You must be a member of ADAC and registered on, if you want to use the ADAC Auslandshelfer App. A registration is also possible within the ADAC Auslandshelfer App.